Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Chettinad Pulao, Rajma Wrap, Palak Paneer & More

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This weeks Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan we have  Chettinad Veg Pulao, Rajma Wrap, Palak Paneer, Carrot Sauce Pasta and more.

Each day has a tip on how you can efficiently pack a kids lunch box and plan the menu the previous day, so the mornings are not so much of a rush.

Apart from the tips we shared, many of you had asked for snack boxes for the kids as well. As a lot of you either have children who need two dabba's or just one morning snack dabba. Below are some of the Snack Dabba's you can pack into your kids school lunch box. Hope you enjoy packing these recipes and cooking them with love for the growing children.

Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days

  1. Almond Butter & Fig Muesli Bar Recipe
  2. Peanut Butter Cookie Bars Recipe-Healthy snack for kids
  3. Methi Khakra Recipe
  4. Mini Idli Upma Recipe (Steamed Rice Cake Stir Fry)
  5. Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich Recipe


Chettinad Veg Biryani & Cucumber Raita

The Chettinad Veg Pulao is a delicious recipe that you can pack into a lunch box. It is very simple to make and can be made quickly in the morning with the help of a pressure cooker. Simply ensure you have prepped up all the ingredients for the Pulao and pack it along with raita for the kids lunch box. 


Rajma Wrap & Fruit Bowl

Chatpata Rajma Wrap is a nutritious dish made from whole wheat flour makes a great lunch box idea for kids. Pack it along with a bowl of fruits to make the lunch meal refreshing for the kids. A great way to plan is to prep the rajma the previous day and make the fresh roti in the morning and then place it into the wrap.


Palak Paneer & Phulka

Paneer is a favorite among children and making it along with palak adds to the nutrition. Serve it along with phulka for a wholesome lunch box meal for kids. Ensure you have the roti dough ready the previous day and also the palak steamed and kept. Then making the palak paneer the next morning will become a jiffy.


Paneer Sandwich & Oats Ladoo

Sandwiches are great convenient lunch boxes for mothers and children love it too. The best part about the sandwich is you can stuff it in with vegetables and paneer and make it a wholesome lunch box for kids. Make the paneer filling the previous evening and also make a batch of the oats ladoo for the week, so packing snacks will become a breeze.


Pasta in Roasted Carrot Sauce & Energy Bar

Friday make it a pasta day! Children love those once a week treats and you will see how their friends will pounce into their lunch box. Cook the pasta the previous evening, and make the sauce fresh in the morning. Have the carrots and everything else that goes into the pasta prepped up, so making the sauce becomes really easy. Also pack the kids lunch box along with an energy bar, this will make their meal complete.