Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Moong Dal Biryani, Bhindi Masala, Hummus Wrap & More

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This weeks Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan we have Moong Dal Biryani, Bhindi Masala, Hummus Wrap, Puri Chana & a Spinach Pasta.

Each day has a tip on how you can efficiently pack a kids lunch box and plan the menu the previous day, so the mornings are not so much of a rush.

The Moong Dal Biryani is a delicious dish where the moong dal adds to the nutrition and protein to the dish. From Hummus Wrap, Puri Chana, Spinach Pasta and in all our lunch boxes, we try to add carbohydrates and proteins, along with small portions of vegetables all of which are important for growing children. In addition, these foods give them the adequate energy to take on the tasks for the day.

I hope you enjoy these lunch boxes. Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating.


Green Moong Dal Biryani & Raita

The Green Moong Dal Biryani is a wholesome dish which is a great lunch box recipe for kids. It's packed with flavours and spices. The addition of green moong dal makes it nutritious as well. 

For Preparation: cut the vegetables and soak the green moon dal the pervious evening. Also refrigerate/ freeze the dahi or raita the previous night, so when it goes into the lunch box, it does not get sour.


Bhindi Masala, Phulka & Curd

The Bhindi masala is a favorite among children, because of the addition of tomatoes and spices it makes the sabzi moist and perfect for a kids lunch box. Pack the Bhindi masala along with phulka and refrigerated dahi for a delicious lunch box meal.

Tips: Cut the bhindi, tomatoes and onions the previous evening, so making the dish in the morning will be a breeze. Also have the phulka dough ready in the refrigerator.


Hummus Wrap - High Protein Lunch Box

Here is a delicious recipe of the middle eastern falafel and hummus wrap. It makes a great kids school lunch box recipe idea. Hummus is packed with protein and along with the falafel, makes it crunchy and delicious. Pack some fresh fruits to help add the extra energy and also quench the thirst.

Preparation Tip: Prepare the hummus the previous evening and also the roti for the wrap. Also make the falafel mixture ready, so you can fry the falafels the next morning. You can avoid the falafel and simply add hummus and set of roasted vegetables or a salad to make a refreshing lunch box meal.


Puri, Chole & Curd

Puri & Chole is a classic combination that kids love and it makes a healthy lunch box for kids too. Chole is packed with proteins and tastes great in the afternoon even when it is at room temperature. 

Preparation Tip: You can either make the chole the previous evening and also the puri dough and make fresh puris the next morning. Or soak the chole and make the chole fresh in the morning too.


Spinach Corn Pasta For Luncbox

Pasta is something that kids love. Adding spinach and corn to the pasta makes it nutritious and exciting. You can cook the pasta the previous evening, drizzle it with olive oil so it does not stick with other. The next morning, you can make the sauce fresh and toss it in the pasta and pack it for kids lunch box.

Ensure you pack the pasta after it has cooled down and add a lot more sauce, so it remains saucy.