Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Nawabi Paneer, Mushroom Biryani, Gobi Kathi Roll & More

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This weeks Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan has a Nawabi Paneer with Phulka, Mushroom Biryani & Raita, Gobi Kathi Roll & Energy Bar, Rava Idli & Semiya Upma. You will also find tips for planning and prepping so packing lunch boxes in the morning becomes a breeze.

Lunch box planning is very crucial and can make our mornings stress free. It's important to ensure that we take the effort to bring in the nutrition into the kids lunch boxes - as these are the precious years when children develop good muscle mass and also a habit for healthy eating which they will take with them when they become independent adults. 

As always, try to avoid processed food in a snack or a lunch box - it can be a treat for one off days and definitely not on a regular basis. Apart from packing lunch boxes, below is a snack box plan for all those kids who have school only for half a day.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days

  1. Mini Idli Upma
  2. Banana & Dry fruits like Badam & Dates
  3. Cucumber Tomato Sandwich
  4. Eggless Ragi & Whole Wheat Crisp Biscuits Recipe, along with a fruit or a savory snack
  5. Whole Wheat Almond Bars Recipe, along with a banana or seasonal fruit


Nawabi Paneer & Phulka

Paneer is a child's favorite and when made tasty and delicious, you will find that their lunch boxes get over in a jiffy. Keep the portions small and pack soft phulkas smeared with ghee. You can also pack in some dry fruits like dates or raisins as a dessert post lunch. For the prep, have the paneer ready the previous evening and also the phulka dough. Making the dish will become a breeze.


Mushroom Biryani, Curd, Bowl of Fruits

Mushrooms are delicious when made into a biryani. For this lunch box, have the ingredients that go into a biryani ready and make the biryani in the pressure cooker in a single pot. This way the making the biryani in the morning will be a breeze. You can pack curd into the lunch box or raita. In either of the cases, place the box of yogurt into the freezer the previous evening and pack it straight into the box, so it does not go sour.


Aloo Gobi Kathi Roll, Energy Bar

Having a Kathi roll, once a week into a kids lunch box is great, because children simply love food that is easy to eat and on the go. And these kathi rolls are meant just for that. Pack these Aloo Gobi Kathi Rolls along with an energy bar and your children will feel energised and satisfied.


Ragi Rava Idli, Tomato Onion Chutney & Curd

Rava idlis are super easy to make on busy mornings and when it is Thursday already, the we are always looking to see if something that is quick to whip up for the kids lunch box. Pack the idli along with your child's favorite chutney or simply pack some jam as well. 


Tomato Vermicelli Upma Recipe & Flaxseed Ladoo

And it's friday - and this Tomato Semiya Upma makes a delicious, quick and easy to eat lunch box for the kids. Have the tomatoes prepped the previous evening and hope you would have made a box of flaxseed ladoo for the week, so you will find it handy to simply add one into the kids lunch box.