Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Paneer Paratha, Rajma Pulao, Kadai Paneer & more

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This weeks Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan has a Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Beans Peanut Sabzi, Cabbage Paneer Paratha, Rajma Pulao, Kadai Paneer and a lip smacking Rajma Wrap which you kids will simple love. All it requires to pack a wholesome lunch box for kids is some love and lot of planning and patience.

I hope you enjoy the planning tips we have shared with you, so it will help in planning and making a kids school lunch box a breeze on busy mornings. We have kept the foods wholesome and tried to include all the food groups from proteins, carbohydrates and also most important energy giving nutrition rich brain foods for our children.

With a little planning, these lunch boxes will be easy to put together. Just ensure that you minimise or avoid all kinds of processed foods for children, as children need nutrition rich foods for development of the mind and body.

Snack Box Ideas for Kids For 5 Days


Cabbage Paneer Paratha, Flaxseed Ladoo

These parathas are packed with nutrition and taste. The addition of paneer and cabbage into a stuffed paratha, makes it wholesome packed with protein. Pack the paratha along with curd and a flax seed ladoo. Instead of yogurt, you can also pack the paratha along with honey or a homemade sweet mango chutney.


Rajma Pulao, Raita & Papad

Rajma Pulao is simple and quick to pack for a lunch box. Have some rajma cooked the previous evening and make the pulao fresh along with some spices and herbs in the morning. Pack the pulao along with a carrot raita and may be some papad to make the kids lunch box fun.


Kadai Paneer, Tawa Paratha

The Kadai Paneer and tawa paratha is a lunch box which will only take you 20 minutes to put together for a kids lunch box. Have all the ingredients prepped and ready for the kadai paneer the previous evening and the morning will be a breeze. Pack it along with a bowl of yogurt or even a bowl of fruits to complete the meal.


Rajma Wrap & Energy Bar

Here is a wrap made from rajma which your kids will simply love. It is packed with all the nutrition and protein from the rajma and is flavoured with a pizza pasta sauce and a mayo to give it that creamy texture and taste. The energy bar along with the rajma ensures your children get that boost of energy post lunch at school.

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