Kids School Lunch Box Menu Plan-Rajma Chawal, Aloo Gobi, Pasta & More

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This week in the Kids School Lunch Box Menu plan, we have Rajma Chawal, Aloo Gobi with Tawa Paratha, Pasta & More.

In this week's lunch box, we have kept in mind, foods that give nutrition, energy for the body and mind and also keeping in mind the ease at which the children can eat the food in school. Children, often get only 30 to 40 minutes for lunch and most often they are looking to finish their lunch quickly. Hence it is important, that we plan the keep the portions small and keep variety.

Adding fruits and cut carrots and steamed vegetables helps break the monotony of the lunch boxes. Also, ensure the snack box you pack for the morning is also wholesome - by packing energy bars, Khakhra, fresh fruits, dry fruits and the like.

Avoid packing processed foods like cakes, cookies and chips into a snack box, because these foods do not provide the nutrition your child needs and before you know it, your child will be on his way to be in the obese category and 

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I hope you enjoy these lunch boxes. Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating.


Rajma Chawal & Dahi

Rajma Chawal is a dish that children of all ages love. I always like preparing the rajma the previous evening. And keep the rice fresh for lunch. You can either mix the rajma chawal together or keep them separate. TIP: If you mix the rajma and chawal together, ensure you add a lot of gravy as well, so it will keep the rajma chawal moist until lunch.


Tawa Paratha, Aloo Gobi & Dahi

A classic and a favorite among kids. The way you can plan is to boil the potatoes the previous evening and keep all the ingredients prepped. Also you can deep the dough ready for the tawa paratha, so making it the next day becomes a breeze.


Carrot Rice, Salad & Papad

You will be surprised how children love eating mixed rice in school. It is quick to make and easy to eat for them as well. Ensure you keep some rice cooked the previous evening and the carrots grated as well. This will help in making the rice a breeze in the morning. The papad and salad add to the crunch. You can optionally add in fresh fruits instead of the salad to give the after lunch sweet taste in the palate.


Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll

This Paneer Kathi roll is a wholesome and filling dish and makes a great lunch box. Pack this box along with some fruits like grapes or apples to give more energy to the children.


Pasta in Spinach Sauce

This pasta is a great way to add in the spinach into the child's school diet. It is creamy and blends well along with any pasta. You can make the pasta more saucy for school by adding little cream or milk to the pesto and tossing the freshly cooked pasta in the spinach sauce.