Kids School Lunch with Vaya : Aloo Paratha, Carrot and Kiwi

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Making Parathas and ensuring it is hot in the lunch box is a challenging task. No amount of foils help retain the heat and it does get boring to eat them at school .With these Vaya Tyffyn Carrier, the parathas will not just remain warm, but delicious to eat as well.

This week's lunch box consist of spicy aloo parathas which is a stuffed bread with spicy aloo stuffing. The stuffing is first sauteed with some onions and green chilli and is mixed along with cooked potatoes.The aloo parathas is the best to carry for your lunch box as it is easy to make and less messy to eat. The parathas are accompanied by some freshly cut carrots and Kiwi.

What it has :

  • Potatoes help in providing energy to the body in the form of carbohydrates which will keep you active for the day.
  • Carrots are rich in vitamin C and also aids in digestion
  • Kiwi is a good source of fiber and antioxidants

1.Punjabi Aloo Paratha Recipe (Spiced Indian Potato Flatbread)

Kids Lunch With Vaya Aloo Paratha 2 2

2. Carrot and Kiwi

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