Kids School Lunch with Vaya : Spinach Rice with Carrot and Cucumber

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Looking for something Healthy to pack for your kids school lunch box? Here we are with a great recipe made with Spinach. Planning a Lunch box everyday is a hard task for people who go to work.To ease your everyday worries on packing hot food, pack your kids lunch in the Vaya Tyffyn carrier that will keep your childs food warm and delicious to eat as well. The dishes that we have chosen are simple and quick to be made in the morning hustle.

This week we have packed a quickly tossed one pot meal made with spinach. The Spinach rice is so easy to make and can had with any raita. Spinach masala is first made and then tossed with cooked rice. The rice is then accompanied along with some freshly cut cucumber and carrot for the extra crunch while eating. 

What it has : 

  • Spinach is rich in Iron content and is helpful in maintaining healthy bones 
  • Carrot is rich in Vitamin C and aids in digestion
  • Cucumber will help you cool your body

1. Spinach Rice Recipe (Palak Pulao)

Kids Lunch With Vaya Spinach Rice 1 7

2. Carrot and Cucumber 

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