Kids Snacks Box: Methi Khakhra, Kiwi and Cheese Cubes

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Here's a simple and tasty Snack Box Idea for your kids which includes Methi Khakra, Sliced Kiwis and Cheese Cubes. Methi Khakra is a yummy Gujarati snack which is liked by the kids. They love to munch on them during their snacks break. This Khakra is flavoured with methi which makes it more flavourful and tasty.

Along with the Khakra, we have added sliced Kiwis and Cheese cubes. Adding fruits in your kids diet is good, as they get that extra nutrition from it. Kiwis are high source of Vitamin C, helps in digestion and is also packed with Vitamins and Minerals.

On the other hand, Cheese cubes gives the necessary protein to your kids which is very important for their body. You can also pack this snack box for your office and munch on them whenever you feel hungry in between your meals.