Le Creuset Sept 29th Bake/Cook in Bangalore

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Cooking along with Chef Rohan, Pepper Cafe, Bangalore and a group of people who were so much of foodies was a fantastic experience at the Le Creuset Bangalore Store.

Cooking on Le Creuset Cast Iron Cookware and using the colorful stoneware was an experience everyone of us dreams of and I had a fantastic experience not only cooking in them but showing the foodies how to use them as well.

Together me and Chef Rohan cooked up a storm and yes everyone loved it. The menu for the class was

Archana Cooked: A Vegetarian Tagine - an North African Stew, German Apple Cake, Grilled Pineapple with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon

Chef Rohan Cooked: A Lamb Moussaka, I came back home and that very weekend made a vegetarian version of his recipe- a Grilled Vegetarian Moussaka

Enjoy the video and pictures of this fantastic session. Want to Come and Join for another. Click here for the Le Creuset Cooking Class - Nutmeg on 20th October 2012


Le Creuset 29th Sept

Le Creuset 29th Sept-2

Le Creuset 29th Sept-3

Le Creuset 29th Sept-4

Le Creuset 29th Sept-5

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Le Creuset 29th Sept-6


Le Creuset 29th Sept-8

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