Learn How To Boost Immune System With 35 - Immunity Boosting Recipes & Natural Home Remedies

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As a child while growing up, for every seasonal cough, cold, or an indigestion that were caused due to weather changes or the food we ate, my mother always used a home remedy as a first step to treat an infection.

Now that I am a mother of two children I know the number of times the kids fall sick and treating them with medicines all the time, has not always been my first preference. I do try to make sure that I continue this practice not just for my children but for the entire family too.

Our bodies can throw us out of the loop at any time. Hence, I most often don’t wait until the seasons change or wait for a flu, cold or a cough to start. I make it a habit to take preventive measures by giving natural immunity boosters on a regular basis. And when I notice the seasons are about to change I start giving certain homemade immunity boosters to help the body prepare to fight itself.

Most of the ingredients for the home remedies are most always in our kitchens and many of them are super easy to make and taste delicious too.

Below I am sharing some home remedies that are commonly used at home and in many other homes across India, and may be around the world

Turmeric Milk (Haldi Doodh) is a very popular medicinal drink that is had most often when you have a bad cold or a cough. At home, I serve this herbal spice drink to my children when the seasons are about to change.  This helps build the immune system, at the same time helps fight any cold or cough that might onset. This magic drink has over the decades been known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

You can use fresh turmeric or even turmeric powder (Haldi Powder) to make the turmeric milk; although the best medicinal benefits come from using the freshly grated turmeric root.

Try having a warm glass of Turmeric Milk just before you go to bed. This will help minimize the coughs and the uneasy cold allergies.

Raab is a warm health drink made from pearl millet flour also known as Bajra that is infused with ginger and ajwain. It is most often prepared and served to strengthen the immune system of a new mother or to someone who is low on energy or has a congested chest.

Having said that, it is also a perfect winter drink that warms your body and helps strengthen the immune system too. Bajra Millet helps to lower cholesterol, it is rich in antioxidants, iron, magnesium and many other minerals that help build our immune system.

The Mung Pani Recipe that is a wholesome soup made from whole green mung beans. It is my mother in laws hearty soup for children of all ages.

The soup is most commonly prepared when one is sick or recovering from a disease.  This soup provides the proteins to enrich and provide the body with instant energy. The Green Mung Beans are rich in iron, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, making this soup an immunity and strength builder.

You can read about the numerous benefits of Mung beans here

The Methi Ajwain Kala Jeera Powder is an age-old family recipe that my mother used to give us to build immunity and help aid digestion. And as I grew up and got married, I found this very same home remedy used by my mother in law who served it along with warm water, while my mother served it along with buttermilk or curd rice.

Whichever way you choose to have it, the Methi Ajwain Kala Jeera Powder has numerous health benefits. It is said to help in normalizing bowel movement, help in keeping cholesterol, blood sugar levels and also effective in reducing joint pains.  Click to read more about the benefits of methi and ajwain

Recipe: Methi Ajwain Kala Jeera Powder (Natural Digestive)

Ginger-Holy Basil Tisane is an Adrak Tulsi Chai Recipe which is a concoction of beneficial ginger and tulsi leaves. This herbal brew works by increasing body metabolism, which in turn helps in accelerating fat burning process. It provides a healthy and natural way to lose weight. Drink Ginger-Holy Basil Tisane | Adrak Tulsi Chai Recipe in empty stomach to reap the maximum benefits of easing digestion and maintaining health.

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Kadha Recipe is a natural remedy to boost the immunity system. It also helps in aiding in digestion, and cures the cough and cold. This concoction can be used by people who are prone for cough and cold during cooler seasons. This is also believed to be effective to aid in weight loss when taken regularly twice a day for a long time before food.

This recipe is a no cooking recipe. You just dissolve the ingredients in ginger juice and you are sorted. Serve Ginger, Lemon & Honey Kadha Recipe on an empty stomach with a glass of warm water to reap the most benefits.

Immunity Boosting Recipes