Looking To Make A North Indian Dinner? Try The Hariyali Aloo, Puri & Pudina Chaas

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If you are looking to make a North Indian dinner, then this Puri, Hariyali Dum Aloo and Pudina Chaas is an absolute must try. Hariyali Dum Aloo Recipe is packed with flavours from from Spinach and Mint of which both are packed with nutritive benefits. 

Puri and aloo are a classic combination but making this Aloo in a Palak gravy makes it healthier and of course delicious too! Hariyali Dum Aloo is a great way to introduce Spinach into your family's diet - Spinach the universally known super food that is rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins that makes any meal enriching and healthy. 

Make this Vegetarian Dinner for your family and we are sure they will clean up the plate in no time and the Pudina Chaas makes a perfect digestive to end the delicious North Indian meal.

Happy Cooking & Healthy Eating!