Love Eggs? Here's A Delicious Breakfast Plate With Mushroom Cheese Omelette

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Here's a simple and delicious Breakfast meal plate idea that consists of Mushroom Masala Cheese Omelette along with Bread Toast, Sliced Kiwis and Masala Chai. You can serve this breakfast for weekdays, as it is very easy to make and also keeps your stomach filled.

Mushroom Masala Cheese Omelette includes ingredients like Mushroom, Eggs and Cheese which are packed with the necessary nutrients like Protein, Vitamin C and Iron. It can be served on its own or with a bread toast. Some sliced fruits are added in the meal plate, as it helps to fulfill the necessary daily intake required for your body.

So go ahead and make this Omelette and surpise your family with a delicious breakfast!

  • 1. Mushroom Masala Cheese Omelette Recipe

    Mushroom Masala Cheese Omelette, the name only sounds delicious! Right? This delicious omelette is a wholesome and filling dish that is packed with taste from the green chillies and coriander.

    The addition of a tablespoon of cheese adds to the creaminess and taste of the Omelette making it more delicious. While Egg and Cheese provides you protein, Mushroom is filled with minerals like Vitamin C, Protein and Iron.

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  • 2. Bread Toast Recipe

    Bread toasts, milk and fruits are the most easiest recipes to whip up in the early morning for breakfast. Simple bread toast recipe made with a dollop of butter is perfect to serve on the side with the Mushroom Masala Cheese Omelette.

    Along with Bread Toast, we have also served some Kiwis. You can any fruit of your choice to complete the meal plate and make it more nutritious.

  • 3. Masala Chai Recipe - Indian Spiced Tea

    Masala Chai makes everything better! Isn't it? Therefore, to complete the meal, we have added Masala Chai which is flavoured with Ginger, Cardamom, Black Pepper and Cinnamon.

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