Lunch Anyone? Miriyala Charu, Gutti Dondakaya Vepudu, Rice, Papad

6 ratings

 A meal I just can't get enough of ! Simple yet so satisfying, robust yet comforting Andhra rasam, served with steaming hot white rice, a dollop of ghee, a side of dondakaya vepudu and crispy crunchy papad. Food coma. A meal I'd love to come back home to, after a long vacation. 

What makes this rasam unique is the freshly ground masala and the goodness of all things nice. Simple joys of life, that one can enjoy in the form of this everyday meal. The side dish of dondakaya vepudu apart from adding a crunch to the meal, also brings great nutrition into our diet.  A great way to include ivy gourd by masking it up with these spices. Some papad on the side and a bowl of curd and that's about it to make a great lunch or dinner.