Lunch Box Ideas: Tamatari Chole And Palak Paratha

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Here is a wholesome Lunch Box idea which has Tamatari Chole along with Palak Paratha. You can pack this delicious and healthy Indian Lunch Box for your office lunch or even for your kid school lunch box.

Tamatari Chole is an everyday sabzi that you can either make for your everyday meals or pack in the Lunch Box. In this Curry, Kabuli Chana is cooked in a spicy tangy gravy along with big chunks of Tomato. It is also good to have Kabuli Chana, as it provides protein to your body which is one the most important nutrient. You can also make this Chole Recipe With Puri and Atte Ka Halwa for your Weekend Breakfast.

Along with the Chole, we have packed a Palak Paratha which is a Thepla made with whole wheat flour, palak and basic spices. The palak and spices adds an extra flavour to this paratha. You can also pack a bowl of curd or pickle like Aam Ka Achaar or Mirchi Lahsun Ka Chunda with this meal.