Healthy Office Dabba:Tawa Sabzi, Phulka & Healthy Snacks

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Packing a healthy lunch box to work is extremely important and what is more is the importance of also packing a healthy snack. In this series of Office Dabba Series, we have a wholesome Tawa Sabzi made from cauliflower, beans and aloo, served along with phulka and salad. We have also packed in a chaas for the mid morning snack and a Nutrichoice Digestive biscuit for the afternoon snack, which you can have along with your cup of green tea or regular chai. 

Packing a lunch box with roti sabi or a rice and raita, is something many of us are used to doing. But ensuring we pack a healthy snack along with our office lunch box is what is going to prevent us from snacking on junk like samosa, chips, pakora and the like.

Some tips for packing a healthy snack box:

In this healthy office dabba we have included two snacks: One for the mid morning and the other for the afternoon. 

Mid Morning Snack

We have included chaas as a mid morning snack. Add some ice cubes into the chaas, so it remains chill until 11 am and you can sip it slowly at your desk while you work. Chaas has adequate proteins and carbohydrates and fills you up and prevents you from snacking on junk food at this time of the day. 

Lunch Box

Here is a simple and wholesome office lunch box recipe idea - the Aloo Gobi and Beans Tawa Sabzi which you can pack along with Phulka, salad and a dahi. The recipe of Aloo Gobi Beans Tawa Sabzi is quick to make for the busy mornings.

Tips for planning: Chop the vegetables the previous night, make the Phulka dough ahead of time. This prepping will help you cook up the lunch box very quickly in the morning. 

Afternoon Snack

Afternoon snacks are one of the most important meals of the day, as it plays an important role in staying healthy. Chai also occupies an important place to help is give the right mental energy to carry on the work for the remaining part of the day. You can include a healthy fibre rich biscuit into your lunch box, like nutrichoice digestive biscuits, which are ‘power packed’ snacks specially created for people who seek a healthy way of life.