Make These 12 Titillating Restaurant Style Recipes At The Comfort Of Your Home

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Are you bored with the regular homemade food dominated with region-specific recipes and same spice powders? Do many of you use the similar methods of preparation with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian ingredients to prepare every day’s meals? How does a restaurant style menu sound for this weekend? This menu comes to the rescue when you so want to go out for dinner on a weekend but have time and interest to cook, to whip up healthier versions, though.

Even after we plan a lunch at restaurants, all the members of the family might have differing opinions on which restaurant to go, sometimes. This can be due to varied cuisine preference or diet. Here we bring you a few favourite recipes that are authentic restaurant style dishes. Choose from these 12 mouthwatering recipes to suit your palate and to have the zing of restaurant style food at the comfort of your home. Kebab, tikka, kurma, pappu, naan, koftas are listed below to make your meal exciting. We also have listed favorite cuisines like Vietnamese, Chinese, Mexican, and Thai recipes that are rarely cooked at home. Pick the recipes that suit your palate and try them out on any special occasion. You will be amazed at how simple the so-thought-complicated recipes are! You can easily impress your house guests with these recipes that scale up your cooking legacy. Inspired by this list, add a few more recipes that you think can make to the top of this list. Search, innovate and be a foodie to the fullest!

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