Make This Ayurvedic Meal Of Milagu Keerai Poricha Kootu, Pudalangai Poriyal, Rice And Curd

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Ayurvedic Meals, are those meals which are fresh and has a medicinal importance to them. In this meal, each and every ingredient used has some healing properties which is considered good for your health and helps you in long run. Therefore, we have created a simple and tasty South Indian Ayurvedic Meal which has recipes likeMilagu Keerai Poricha Kootu, Pudalangai Poriyal, Steamed Rice And Curd.

Milagu Keerai Poricha Kootu, is a South Indian dish where usually many vegetables and dals are cooked along with coconut and basic spices, but here we have used Palak and Moong Dal to make this Kootu. Rich in Iron and Protein, include this in your everyday meals.

It is served along with Pudalangai Poriyal, another South Indian dish where snake gourd is chopped and cooked along with coconut, curry leaves, mustard seeds and other minimal spices. It tastes great along with Kootu. You can make other Poriyals also using the same recipe.

To complete the meal, we have served Steamed Rice and a bowl of Curd. As Summers are arriving, it is important to include it in your meals as it provides relief from the heat and also helps you in digestion.