Make This Special Sindhi Meal For Your Family - Puri, Kheerni & Satsaagi

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 Sindhis are a small community, who migrated to India, after the partition. This community spread across the Indian continent, have a culture and cuisine of their own. This meal, of Puri, Kheerni and Satsaagi is a popular one during most Sindhi festivals and occasions.  

Puffed up piping hot puris, served with sweet seviyan kheer, that thick like that of rabdi flavoured with cardamom and saffron, and a savoury element of a mixed vegetable sabzi, that is made with everyday masalas. The satsaagi, uses absolutely no onion and garlic. 

This meal is often made as brunch during festivals, and other events. The puri here goes equally well with the savoury satsaagi and the sweet kheerni. NEedless to say that there really is no Sindhi meal without a papad. 

Th papad her is fried to give that extra crunch, and is often served with this meal.

So don't wait until the next festival, try this meal in your kitchen already.