Special Sunday Lunch -Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz Ki Sabzi, Lachha Paratha And Rose Lassi

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Weekend calls for a special Lunch! We think to make something that is delicious and easy, so that we can enjoy our day with mouth watering food. Therefore, here we have made a inviting meal plate which has recipes such as Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz Ki Sabzi, Masala Laccha Paratha along with Masala Laccha Pyaaz and Rose Lassi. This is a delicious meal that will surely satisfy your taste buds on a lazy day. 

Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz Ki Sabzi, a delicious sabzi from the state of Rajasthan, which is very easy to make. It is a semi dry one pot sabzi that is made from baby potatoes and pearl onions. They are cooked in a masaledar tomato based gravy which gives it a tangy and spicy flavor. It is perfect for the days when you want to eat something delicious yet easy to make. You can also make this Sabzi when you have guests over for Breakfast along with hot puffed Ajwain Puri and Boondi Raita

Along with Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz Ki Sabzi, we have served a Masala Lachha Paratha, which is made of whole wheat flour and is dough is flavoured with everyday spices which makes it even more tasty. You can serve this Paratha along with your favourite Subzis for your everyday meals. 

To complete the meal, we have Masala Laccha Pyaz, where thinly sliced onions is mixed with lemon juice, red chilli powder, salt and chaat masala. We have also served a Rose Lassi with this meal, which is perfect for Summers. It makes this meal even more delicious and it is very easy to make. You just have to blend Curd, Water, Rose Syrup and Sugar. 

So if your are looking to make a special Weekend Lunch meal, then you can give this Meal Plate a try and let us know how you liked it?

  • 1. Jaipuri Aloo Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe Using Preethi Electric Pressure Cooker

    Rajasthan is a popular state in India, where people from all over the world comes to see this beautiful state. But what makes it more special, is its food. Yes, Rajasthani food is known for its richness and taste and what can be better than cooking this food at home.

    Jaipuri Aloo Pyaz Ki Sabzi Recipe, is one such delicious Sabzi that is very easy to make and can be made for your everyday meals. It tastes delicious with hot Puffed Puris. It is a semi dry sabzi made from baby potatoes and pearl onions in a masaledar tomato based gravy which gives it a tangy and spicy flavor.

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  • 2. Lacha Pyaz Recipe - Masala Pickled Onions

    Laccha Paratha Recipe, is a popular Paratha recipe that is served in almost all the Indian restaurants. It is usually made from Maida (All Purpose Flour), but here we have used Whole Wheat Flour making it more healthy and nutritious.

    We have also flavored the dough with everyday spices, which makes it even more tasty.

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  • 3. Masala Lachha Paratha Recipe

    Here, along with Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz KI Sabzi and Masala Laccha Paratha, we have served Masala Laccha Pyaz.  Masala Lacha Pyaz has red chilli powder and chaat masala added to the onions along with lemon juice and salt.

  • 4. Rose Lassi Recipe

    To end the meal, we have served a Rose Lassi which is perfect in Summers to serve along your meal. To make Rose Lassi, we just have to blend a good quality rose syrup, curd and water along with sugar to taste. To it with chopped pistachios to add some crunch in the Rose Lassi.

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