Weekly Meal Plan: Bajra And Dal Cheela, Sindhi Dal Pakwan,Pav Bhaji and Much More

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We are back again with our super delicious weekly plan for this week! Eating healthy meals is very important and it is really difficult to decide on what to make every day for three meals of the day. Therefore, we here at Archana’s kitchen bring you a delicious road map to a week of easy, no-repeat meals which will make your life easier.

Shop your groceries and stock them for the week and use these ideas and recipes which will help you in cooking every day. Happy cooking!

Breakfast - Cheela & Chutney

Cheela is a wonderful way to start your monday breakfast.

Dinner - Paratha, Raita, Salad

Stuffed roti and raita by the side and salad will make a good dinner.

Breakfast - Achari Paratha Roll & Chai

A perfect way to start your breakfast meal with a spicy achari roll and a hot cup of chai by the side

Lunch - Pulao, Salad and Raita

You can make a quick lunch with chana dal pulao, a quick salad and raita by the side.

Dinner - South Indian Dinner

Treat yourself for the night with a crispy onion rava dosa, sweet and sour mango chutney and drumstick sambar.

Breakfast - Porridge & Fresh Fruit Bowl

Porridge not only keeps you healthy but it can be delicious as well with various flavour combination like coconut and banana.

Lunch - Comforting Dinner Meal

A great balance of the protein and vitamins is necessary in your everyday diet, keeping that in mind we have planned today's lunch.

Dinner - One Pot Biryani Meal

A high protein rich soy chunk added to the biryani will make a delicious for your dinner.

Breakfast - Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it needs to start with a good amount of protein and vitamins going into your diet.

Lunch - Simple Stuffed Paratha and Raita

Tofu is a good option to add protein into your diet and when it is stuffed with capsicum makes it a delicious lunch meal.

Dinner - Millet and Ragi

Khichdi is a nice way to end your day with a crispy yam salad and bowl of curd rice.

Breakfast - Murmura Upma and Chai

A crunchy delight to have it for your breakfast with a hot cup of tulsi chai.

Lunch - Comforting and Rich Meal

Sindhi dal pakwan is a wonderfully flavoured chana dal curry and when served with bhatura makes it a complete meal.

Dinner - Satvik Dinner

A delicious light and mildly flavoured bottle gourd in milk based curry is best when had along with besan and atta roti.

Breakfast - Eggs for Breakfast

Rich and delicious cream cheese scramble with beans on toast is the best way to start your saturday morning.

Lunch - Protein Rich Meal

The soya chunk curry is filled with loads of protein and is delicious when had along with beetroot and sesame thepla.

Dinner - Chinese Dinner

Treat yourself special for your saturday dinner with a good option of chinese dishes at home.

Breakfast - Healthy Sunday Breakfast

Try out something new and healthy with a sprouted coriander dosa and ridge gourd chutney.

Lunch - Punjabi Lunch

A mouth watering pav bhaji is the best way to finish your sunday lunch.

Dinner - Maharashtrian Meal

Masale Bath and Palak Raita are the best combination to have for your dinner and refreshing solkadhi to end it with.