Weekly Meal Plan: Sabudana Thalipeeth, Hara Dhania Paratha, Burmese Khow Suey & Much More

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The wait is over and we are back again with our super delicious weekly plan for this week! Eating healthy meals is very important and we never forget that you are waiting for our meal plan to decide on what to make every day for three meals of the day. Therefore, we here at Archana’s kitchen bring you a new delicious road map to a week of easy, no-repeat meals which will make your life easier.

Shop your groceries and stock them for the week and use these ideas and recipes which will help you in cooking every day. Happy cooking!

Breakfast - Sandwich, Tea & Fruits

Sandwich is a easy way to make your breakfast quick and nutritious.

Lunch - Neer Dosa, Sambar and Chutney

Neer dosa are very quick to make and when had with sambar and chutney makes it a complete meal.

Dinner - Spinach Paratha, Bengali Curry & Salad

Bengali style brinjal is a delicious curry to be had along with spinach paratha and salad.

Breakfast - Idli, Chutney & Fruits

A twist to the normal idli made from barley and rava which is rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Lunch - High Protein Lunch

The lunch we have put together is rich in protein and is quick as it is just in one pot.

Dinner - Stuffed Paratha & Raita

Stuffed Egg paratha will make you a delicious dinner with a refreshing watermelon smoothie.

Breakfast - Pancake & Cold Coffee

Delicious Pancake is always a great way to start your breakfast.

Lunch - Simple Lunch

You can have a simple lunch with just plain coriander paratha and garlic yogurt.

Dinner - Mixed Rice and Salad

A delicious south indian rice with salad and raita is a comforting dinner.

Breakfast - Maharastrian Breakfast

A spicy flat bread made with Tapioca pearls is an authentic breakfast had with a spicy chutney by the side.

Lunch - Healthy Lunch

Try a healthy lunch with oats flatbread stuffed with spinach and paneer.

Dinner - North Indian Dinner

Aloo kulcha is best had with hara chana masala and plain cup of curd.

Breakfast - Refreshing Breakfast

You can start your weekday breakfast with a refreshing pudding and a fresh bowl of fruits.

Lunch - North Indian Lunch

You can keep it simple for saturday lunch with a delicious vegetarian meal.

Breakfast - South Indian Breakfast

A south Indian breakfast that is famous in tamil nadu is a must try.

Lunch - Sunday Lunch

A special lunch with a one pot baked pasta, garlic bread and cocktail.

Dinner - Pan Asian Dinner

A comforting way to end your weekend.