Weekly Meal Plan:Soya Keema Paratha, Hyderabadi Khadi Masoor Ki Dal, Lemon Oats And Much More

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We are back again with our super delicious weekly plan for this week! Eating healthy meals is very important and we never forget that you are waiting for our meal plan to decide on what to make every day for three meals of the day. Therefore, we here at Archana’s kitchen bring you a new delicious road map to a week of easy, no-repeat meals which will make your life easier.

Shop your groceries and stock them for the week and use these ideas and recipes which will help you in cooking every day. Happy cooking!

Well, you can try our special Sunday Bihari Dinner Menu this week. It is super delicious and will be loved by your friends and family.

Breakfast - Cheela, Tomato Chutney & Chai

A delicious breakfast to start is with a high protein cheela, chutney and chai.

Dinner - Paratha, Raita & Salad

Methi and Palak are great green leaves that can be added to your everyday diet.

Breakfast - Sandwich, Fruit bowl & Juice

You must include eggs in your meals as it gives you a good amount of protein.

Lunch - Puri, Aloo Dum & Raita

You can treat yourself with a delicious and rich meal that we have planned with puri, aloo dum and raita.

Dinner - Biryani and Raita

It is good to have non veg once in a while during your weekend.

Breakfast - Pancakes, Salsa & Latte

These pancakes are to die for and when had with spicy mexican salsa it is heavenly.

Dinner - One pot meal

A delicious one pot meal made from coconut milk that gives richness to your Kashmiri Pulao.

Breakfast - Dosa, Chutney & Coffee

You can add a twist to your dosa by making it with some fresh spinach leaves and coriander for the flavour.

Lunch - Keema Paratha & Pickle

A great way to enjoy your lunch is with keema paratha and raita by the side.

Dinner - Goan Special

Have a comforting and light dinner with some goan special.

Breakfast - One Bowl Breakfast

A delicious breakfast oatmeal bake that has some mashed banana, oats and crunchy nuts.

Lunch - Khichdi, curd & Salad

You can fill your hunger with a comforting khichdi and curd by the side.

Dinner - Thepla, Turai Sabzi & Raita

A simple and yet a filling meal that you can create with ridge gourd and beetroot

Breakfast - South Indian Breakfast

Yummy and Juicy avalakki that has the right amount of sourness and sweetness.

Dinner - Saturday Dinner

Enjoy your weekend with a creamy summer squash pasta and crunchy toast by the side.

Breakfast - Sunday Breakfast

Enjoy sunday breakfast with a delicious lemon flavoured oats with crunchy peanuts.

Lunch - One Bowl Delight

You must try this for your weekend specials.