Manisha Goyal

Basically of Sikkim origin, a beautiful state in the north east Corner of India, residing now in Siliguri, West Bengal. I am a food freak, love to try out new dishes and try to recreate the same at home with my own little twist. I cook traditional and fusion foods from Indian cuisine. I guess I am more into desserts. I love making all those sweets during festive seasons and I have a soft corner for baking. I have always enjoyed cooking and nothing gives me more pleasure then to cook for my loved ones. And yes cooking is a stress buster for me. I was never a foodie or never so passionate about cooking. But as I got married, I saw that my interest in cooking grew day by day. My Maa makes awesome food and I guess the cooking thing is in my blood. I never learnt how to cook but grew up watching Maa make fabulous dishes. My hubby and kiddo are a complete foodie. Every second day they want something different to eat. And yes not to forget my in-laws. Since the day I came, I have spoilt their eating habits. My FIL only craves for dishes these days. Other then cooking, my second love is reading books. I am a complete book worm and its crazy to say that at times, I do not even leave the story books

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