43 Pickle Recipes To Make This Summer - Instant Pickles & Traditional Pickles

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PICKLE, is a must condiment in almost every Indian household and is served along with the meals or Parathas. Pickle in India is a medley of spices, chopped fruits and vegetables, which are often preserved with varying amounts of salt and oil. Sweet, spicy, tangy or sour, there are thousands of recipes from state to state that differs in taste and flavour.

Pickle is called differently, such as Achaar in Hindi, Oorugai in Tamil and Uppinakayi in Kannada. From North India to South India, different types of pickles are made using locally available vegetables. Pickle is popularly served along with Parathas in North India, whereas it is served with Curd Rice in South Indian.

There are mainly two types of Pickles, one is Instant Pickle, and the other is Regular Pickle that need some days to get ready. While the Instant Pickles can be made in jiffy and had fresh along with the meals. These types of pickle can be stored only for few days, as it tends to get bad after a certain time, whereas the regular pickles are kept in sunlight for days and is preserve with oil and salt, so that it can be stored for months and can be enjoyed for a longer time.

Pickling is an old tradition, when in Summers, our grandmothers used to sit and make pickles of different fruits and vegetables. The most popular being Mango Pickle, which is also known as Aam Ka Achaar, other being Green Chilli Pickle which is called as Mirchi Ka Achaar. Pickles were made in large quantities in the olden times and then was distributed among the families. Some families still have this old tradition of pickling in Summers. In India, you will find a small bottle of pickle kept on your table in every restaurant, along with some pickled onions.

Here are some regular and instant pickle that you can make at home and serve it along with your meals:

1. Traditional Pickle Recipes

2. Instant Pickle Recipes