Mouth Watering Paneer Pyaz Paratha With Burani Raita For Your Weekday Breakfast

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What's a North Indian breakfast without Panner De Parathe, Dahi Aur Achaar? A classic breakfast combo eaten up north in most households is this Paneer and Onion paratha, served with a fresh Raita and homemade Mango Pickle. 

Smoky ghee roasted parathas, stuffed with a simple paneer stuffing with some onions along with it, using simple spices. While the Paneer gives that soft chewy taste, onions had a crunch in the masala. This Masala is stuffed into the parathas and then it is roasted on the Tawa till it is crisp and brown.

These parathas can be served at any meals be it breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You can also add a dollop of Butter for that extra taste, just like Punjabi households, which are called as 'Parathe Makkhan Maar Ke'.

This paratha here can have any stuffing of your choice, be it aloo, gobi, methi or any other veggies of your choice. Condiments like Dahi or Raita and Achaar are a must with these parathas, that complete the meal. Here, we have served a Burani Raita, which is flavoured with Raw garlic.

The fresh cold Dahi, masaledar Achar and garma garam Parathas, when you take that first bite, there will be an absolute burst of flavours in your mouth. So get into your kitchen and whip up this meal, already!