70 Mutton Recipes Perfect For For Lunch, Dinners & Parties

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If you are looking for Mutton Recipes to make for your weekends meals, but have not found anything interesting, then look no further and check out our collection of tried and tested Mutton Recipes. Here, we have a list of tender, succulent and flavourful Mutton Curry and Mutton Dry Recipes from across India that will surely satisfy your taste buds..

Try the famous Mutton Recipes like the Kashmiri Rogan Josh Recipe which is simple to make and is a mouthwatering Mutton in a bright red curry. It is the signature dish of Kashmir, where the name is derived from Persian words in which Rogan means "'Oil'" and Josh mean "Intense heat". Another fiery red curry is the Rajasthani Laal Maas Recipe where mutton is cooked in a gravy made with red chillies and popular Rajasthani spices. 

Bengali Kosha Mangsho Recipe is a slow cooked Mutton Curry. Kosha Mangsho is traditionally prepared as part of the celebration of Kali Puja. Railway Mutton Curry is a colonial era dish still served in restaurant in Kolkata,

From South of India, we have the famous Chettinad Mutton Chops Kuzhambu Recipe, Andhra Style Mutton Curry Recipe and Halli Style Mutton Saaru Recipe which is packed with a punch of flavours and are beautifully spiced. Kerala Mutton Roast Recipe is a dry Mutton Recipe famous from the state of Kerala. Mutton Ghee Roast is a Mangalorean delicacy which is prepared dry. Freshly ground spices and ghee is used to make the this delectable Mutton Ghee roast.  If you're looking for some Easy Mutton Curry Recipes then you must try our Quick & Spicy Mutton Curry Recipe.

In India the term "Mutton " is also applied to goat meat though Mutton is is the meat of a sheep. Mutton is sorted into different kinds of cuts to make various kinds of dishes. Different cuts of meat affect the flavour of the dish. Mutton "Curry cut"usually refers to meat from neck, shoulder, leg, loin and ribs. It has pieces of meat on the bone which is best used to make Indian Mutton curry.

Mutton chops are best to make curries as well like the Mutton Chaap Recipe  which is a tasty slow cooked Lamb Chops curry. The famous Andhra Style Mamsam Chops Recipe where Lamb Chops are cooked in Black Pepper Gravy and Hyderabadi Laziz Lamb Handi Recipe which is an extremely rich and delicious prepared with assorted spices, cream, tomatoes, onion, ghee and chillies.

Minced Mutton is used to make the heavenly Mutton Kofta Curries like the Kashmiri Style Rista Recipe, and the Keema curries like Kemeja Bhalla Recipe, Kothu Kari Kuzhambu. 

Other parts of mutton used to make dishes are the lamb trotters and the liver. The taste of the mutton dishes depends on the quality of the meat. Get fresh tender Lamb or mutton pieces to give you greater tasting Curries. 

So do check out some of our favourite Mutton Recipes which can be made for special weekend lunch or dinner or served at your house parties. 

1. Mutton Dry Recipes

2. Mutton Curry Recipes