122 Mushrooms Recipes That Are Delicious To Cook At Home

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Mushrooms are the fungal fruiting bodies which contain spores for reproduction that grow below or above the ground. Out of the known 10000+ varieties of mushroom, few handfuls of popular types of mushrooms are edible. Mushroom is a protein-rich vegetarian substitute for high protein non-vegetarian foods. There are several benefits attached to consuming mushrooms.

Here are 9 health benefits of eating mushrooms:

  1. Mushrooms have more proteins than carbohydrates, and hence a super food for weight-watchers.
  2. Fiber makes it easily digestive.
  3. Selenium and L-Ergothioneine are the components that antioxidant and increase the elasticity of tissues. In common terms, these compounds keep you energetic and younger-looking.
  4. Mushrooms are also good at having vitamin B complex and zinc.
  5. Edible mushrooms have cancer-fighting ingredients and natural components to inhibit viruses and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  6. These are great for maintaining a healthy heart since they have compounds that inhibit binding of bad cholesterol to the arteries. The sterol compounds in mushroom also interfere with liver’s production of cholesterol.
  7. Potassium in the mushrooms promotes a better cognitive functions and controlled blood pressure.
  8. If used as a substitute for meat regularly, mushrooms help lose weight because of low calories.
  9. Vitamin D is a rare property in vegetarian ingredients and mushrooms are one of them. Vitamin D is needed for healthy bone maintenance.

6 Popular Types of Edible Mushroom

1. White Mushroom

White mushrooms are the most common edible mushrooms that are creamy to pale white. These mushrooms range from 1-inch to 6-inches. These mild-flavored mushrooms are either chopped and cooked to prepare various gravy, stir fry or sauteed recipes, or are cooked whole, to make stuffed mushroom recipes. These are the type of mushrooms which are most commonly available in India and used in many of the Asian recipes like Mushroom Strudel Recipe, Mushroom Dumpling, Bavarian Mushroom Sauce or Goan Mushroom Xacuti Recipe.

white mushrooms

2. Cremini Mushroom

Cremini is the mushroom variety that resembles white mushroom, but is deeper in color and brownish. Also, creminis are firm textured and deep flavoured than white mushrooms. These have edible stems. These cremini mushrooms can be used instead of white mushrooms for recipes like Four Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe.

cremini mushroom

3. Chanterelle Mushroom

Chanterelle have a fruity aroma, have fennel shaped caps with wrinkled under sheath. The colour ranges from yellowish to black. While the chanterelle mushrooms are cleaned, remember to wash it quickly without tearing the membranes. These can be included in queche, pizza, stir fries and more.

Chanterelle mushroom

4. Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are trumpet shaped, the colour ranges from greyish to brown and reddish caps. These are pepper flavoured and taste milder when cooked. While selecting the batch of these oyster mushrooms, remember that the small ones are tender and taste the best. This can be used in recipes like Garlic and Mushroom Soup Recipe.

oyster mushroom

5. Portobello Mushroom

Portobello mushroom has a steak-like texture and taste. This variety is mostly used as a replacement of non-vegetarian ingredients in burger. One needs to remove the woody stems which are too hard to chew even after cooking. These mushrooms are up to 6 inches and can also be used for stuffed and baked recipes like Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms Recipe with 7 Grain Rice and Sprout Salad, Stuffed Mushroom recipe or simple recipes like Kadai Mushroom Recipe, Vietnamese Vegetarian Spring Rolls Recipe with Mushrooms & Vegetables.

portobello mushrooms

6. Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake mushrooms are smoky flavoured, usually with a longer hard stem. Destem the mushrooms before cooking. But these stems make a nice flavouring agent to stocks, soups or sauces, after which the stem needs to be discarded. Include shiitake mushrooms in recipes like Sundried Tomatoes and Shiitake Mushroom Quiche Recipe, Mushroom Quiche Recipe or mushroom soup.

shiitake mushroom

Scrumptious Recipes With Mushrooms

These are only a few type of mushrooms among many that are edible. You can also experiment with the other types of edible mushrooms available in the market. Having said that, be very careful while picking a wild mushroom out of woods since many varieties contain allergens, hallucinogens or poisons. That’s why we call any mushroom that has edible taste and aroma and has no poison is labeled as edible. Here are 15 recipes that you can cook with the different type of mushrooms. You can always innovate and try out variations that come out flavorful !

Mushroom Snack Recipes

Mushroom Snack Recipes

Mushroom - Indian Main Course

Mushroom - World Cuisine Main Course