28 Must Try Kadhi Recipes You Can Make For A Lunch Or Dinner

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Kadhi also known as karhi is a classic Indian curry made from yogurt and often given a simple tadka. Ever region across various parts of north india, have their own special way of making kadhi.

In Northern India, pakoras are added to the kadhi and given a ghee tadka - they are traditionally called as Kadhi Pakora. These Pakoras can be flavored with onions, methi and also vegetables like aloo and corn can be added to the pakora to give the kadhi Pakora recipe a unique twist.

Tip For Making an Awesome Creamy And Delicious Kadhi 

When you mix the besan and dahi along with water. Ensure there are no lumps in the kadhi. 

  1. Place this Kadhi mixture on high heat and keep whisking the kadhi until it comes to a boil. This step of continuously whisking the kadhi while it gets its first boil is extremely crucial for a smooth kadhi base. Also by doing this, you will also not see the curdling.
  2. Once the kadhi reaches a boiling point and you notice that the yogurt and besan are combined well, turn the heat to low and then simmer the kadhi for a at least 10 minutes. This process of simmering the kadhi along with the besan and yogurt gives the kadhi a great taste.
  3. Typically at this stage of simmering process you can add the turmeric powder (if the recipe calls for it), ginger and green chillies. The flavors from these ingredients will also seep into the kadhi and make the kadhi tasting delicious. 
  4. If you are adding the pakora, then it should be added after the 10 minute of simmering. The Pakoras need to be simmered for another 10 minutes along with the kadhi mixture. 
  5. Finally, the tadka. This is a very crucial element to the kadhi. The tadka for the kadhi has to be done with ghee and spices like cinnamon gives it the extra taste and flavor. Once the kadhi is done, transfer it to a serving bowl and add the tadka. Give it a swirl with the spoon and serve the kadhi hot.

Below Are Some Awesome Kadhi Recipes That You Can Try In Your Kitchen. Serve them with Rice or Pulao - popularly called as Kadhi Chawal or along with Khichdi - called as Kichdi Kadhi.