24 No Onion & No Garlic North Indian Dal Recipes For Lunch Or Dinner

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Dal is one of those dishes, which is made in every Indian household for their everyday meals. There are different types of Dals that you can make such as - Moong Dal, Toor Dal, Arhar Dal, Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Masoor Dal, Kulith etc. In North India, most of the Dals uses Onion and Garlic which gives it a distinct flavour and taste. But there are some delicious Dals, which are made without the use of Onion and Garlic and the flavour is given from Ginger or the Whole Spices. You can also make these Dals during your fasting days. 

Today, everyone is concerned about their respective health and are looking for easy everyday options that they can include in their everyday diet. What can be better than Dal, which is a staple food in every Indian household. These Dals are not only easy to make and delicious, but also has many health benefits. 

Green Moong Dal is one of the mostly used Dals in Indian households. They are available whole, split, with skin on, and removed. You can also make Green Moong Sprouts from Whole Green Moong Dal, which are high in Protein. On the other hand, Urad Dal is of two types - Whole Urad Dal, which is black in colour and is also called as Black Dal, the other one is Split Urad Dal which is white in colour. Urad Dal helps helps in digestion, is a good source of protein and controls cholesterol. 

Masoor Dal, a delicious Dal which also helps to lower cholesterol and control sugar levels. Arhar Dal or Toor Dal is a very common Dal which is served along with Steamed Rice in North India. Arhar Dal contains iron, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, Vitamin B and potassium.

Horsegram or Kulith Dal, is very high in Protein content and low in Fat, making it perfect for your special diets. It is also good for diabetic people. 

So what are you waiting for? Do give these No Onion No Garlic Dal Recipes a try and make them for your everyday meals. Give your usual Dal a break, and make these different types of Dals which you can make for your weekdays.