Britannia NutriChoice NutriDabba 4: Green Moong Dal Pulao & Raita, Makhana and Hi-Fibre Biscuit Cake

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We have planned a nutritious and delicious Lunch Box for you that you can pack for your Office Lunch Box. In this Lunch Box, we have included a Lunch, Mid Morning Snack and Evening Snack. Snacks are important to include in these meals, so that you can munch on them if you feel hungry in between your meals.

For Mid Morning Snack:

Here, we have a tasty and nutritious Nutty Chocolate High Fibre Biscuit Cake Recipe which is filled with the goodness of Nutrichoice High Fibre Biscuit, made of whole wheat and has no added sugar. Along with this, Walnuts and Sunflower Seeds are added in the biscuit to make it more nutritious and add that extra crunch in the cake. 

For Lunch:

Here, we have packed a Green Moong Dal Pulao With Vegetables Recipe which is packed with vegetables such as Carrots, Beans etc. You can add more vegetables in this Pulao of your choice to make it more nutritious. It is also high in protein because we have used Dal also to make this Pulao. Along with the Pulao, serve a Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita which goes really well with this Pulao. You can also pack a Raita of your choice in this meal. 

You can chop the vegetables and keep before hand so that it becomes easy to make this Pulao. 

For Evening Snack:

Here, we have Roasted Makhana or Lotus Seeds. You just have to roast the makhanas in ghee and season them with some salt, black pepper and red chilli powder. This snack is very easy to make and can be stored for many days in an airtight container. You can also enjoy these while watching a movie or a cricket match.

  • 1. Lunch : Green Moong Dal Pulao With Vegetables Recipe (Biryani Style)

    Green Moong Dal Biryani, a delicious Pulao dish that is made in Biryani style and is loaded with different vegetables. It is high in protein which it gets from the Dal and is also very nutritious because it has different vegetables such as Carrot, Beans etc.

    You can also add your favourite vegetables to make this Pulao and serve it with your choice of Raita. It is very easy to make, thus apt for your weeknight dinners or to pack in your Lunch Box.

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  • 2. Lunch : Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita Recipe

    It is always a great idea to include Curd in your meals as it helps in digestion and is also good for your overall health. Therefore, here we have included a delicious Raita which is Tomato Onion Cucumber Raita.

    We have chopped the vegetables and added it in the Curd, as it gives that extra crunch and taste. Add salt, cumin powder for extra taste. This Raita goes really well with this Vegetable Pulao.

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  • 3. Evening Snack : Phool Makhana (Healthy Roasted Lotus Seeds Snack)

    Makhana which is also called as Lotus Seeds, is a great snack to eat in between your meals whenever you are hungry. It is also considered very good for diabetic people. 

    You just have to roast the makhanas in ghee and season them with some salt, black pepper and red chilli powder. You can also spice them with the different spice powder mixture to enhance the taste and make it more masaledar.

  • 4. Mid Morning Snack : Nutty Chocolate High Fibre Biscuit Cake Recipe

    A tasty and nutritious snack, Nutty Chocolate High Fibre Biscuit Cake is easy to make and is loved by everyone.

    In this recipe, we have used Nutrichoice High Fibre Biscuit which is made of Whole Wheat and no added sugar. To make it more nutritious, we have added the goodness of Walnuts and Sunflower Seeds which not only adds extra nutrition but also adds a crunch in this biscuit cake.