Office Lunch Box Menu Plan-Methi Thepla, Foxtail Millet Lemon Rice & More

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Here is another tasty, easy to make and nutritious Office Lunch box Menu Plan with Multigrain Methi Thepla Recipe With Ragi & Whole Wheat ,Karnataka Style Beetroot Palya Recipe and Cucumber Green Chilli Raita, Foxtail Millet Lemon Rice Recipe, Boiled Peanut Raita Recipe ,No Onion No Garlic Lobia Masala Recipe, Phulka Recipe and Raw Mango Cucumber Salad Recipe with Roasted Peanuts, Pistachio & Cranberry Broken Wheat Pilaf Recipe and Olive & Tofu In Harissa Curry Recipe, Turai moong dal recipe, tawa paratha and carrot tadka raita.

Everyday Lunch Box meal and pairing is planned in such a way that you get all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals required for your body to be fit and healthy and also give you the energy to do your work properly without feeling lethargic and tired. Various vegetables are used either in the form of curries, salads or raita. It is important to use various seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet to get the essential nutrients. 

Including various carbs other than rice is important as well. We have included Foxtail Millet Lemon Rice Recipe and Pistachio & Cranberry Broken Wheat Pilaf. Cooking millets are easy especially in the pressure cooker. Including them adds fiber in your diet as well as it helps you feel full for longer. Hence eating a small portion goes a long way and thus reducing your calorie intake. 

Follow our weekly plan to pack healthy lunch boxes. There are prep tips included which will help make your mornings go smoother in the kitchen on a rushed morning.

Also here are some healthy Office Snack Recipes that you can make and pack for satisfying those hunger pangs in between meals. 

Snack Ideas For 5 Days


Thepla, Beeatroot Palya & Raita

Theplas are healthy multigrain rotis and full of nutrition.  You can pick and keep the methi leaves the previous night and keep it in an airtight container. You could also make the dough for the thepla and keep it refrigerated in an airtight container. Chop the beetroot and keep it refrigerated to make the palya easily in the mornings.


Foxtail Millet Lemon Rice & Raita

Foxtail millet is nutritious and full of fiber. You could cook the millet the previous night and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge. Chop and keep the carrots refrigerated as well. Boil and keep the peanuts for the peanut raita the previous night as well.


Lobia Masala, Phulka & Salad

No onion no garlic lobia masala is a one pot curry dish that can be made easily in the mornings. You can soak the lobia and keep it ready the previous night to cook the lobia more quickly. Make the dough for the phulkas and keep them in an airtight container in the fridge. Cut the mango for the salad and keep in refrigerated in an airtight container in the fridge. 


Broken Wheat Pilaf & Harissa Curry

Pistachio & Cranberry Broken Wheat Pilaf is a delicious and healthy nutritious pilaf recipe that is simple to make and goes great in a lunch box. Chop and keep the pistachio the previous night. Make the home made tomato puree for the harissa sauce and keep it refrigerated. 


Turai Moong Dal, Tawa Paratha & Raita

Turai Moong Dal Recipe is a tasty dal recipe which is quick to make. You can chop and keep the turai in an airtight container refrigerated. Grate the carrots for the raita and keep it ready. Make the dough for the tawa paratha and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge.