Office Lunch Box : Paneer Pyaz Paratha And Burani Raita

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Packing everyday Lunch Box is a task and we are often confused in what to pack that is easy to make and tastes delicious too. There are many Indian recipes that you can pack, but Stuffed Parathas are the most convenient ones and is liked by everyone too. Serve it along with Pickle, Chutney or Raita of your choice and your Lunch Box is ready!

Here, we have packed a delicious Paneer Pyaaz Ka Paratha which is high in protein. It is very easy to make and is especially loved by the kids. To make your mornings easier, you can grate the paneer in the night before and keep it in fridge.

In the morning you just have to mix it with onions and basic spices to make the stuffing mixture. You can also knead the dough and keep it in fridge, so that it takes very less time to whip up these Parathas in the morning.

Along with these delicious Parathas, we have served a Burani Raita. This Raita is made in Hyderabadi households and its flavour comes from the raw garlic used in this Raita. Other than Raitas, you can also serve your Parathas with Green Chutney or any Pickle of your choice.