Britannia Nutrichoice Nutri Dabba 8- Semolina Porridge, Paneer Carrot Stuffed Paratha & Roasted Makhana

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Here is a Protein Packed Nutri Dabba made of morning snack of Semolina Porridge with fresh fruits and nuts, lunch of Paneer Carrot Stuffed Paratha & Raita and evening snack of roasted makhana. Packing healthy snacks and healthy lunch is crucial to keep your energy levels up throughout the day at work and to also keep you healthy and fit even though you might have a sedentary job.

If you leave long gaps between your meals your sugar levels fluctuate and hence it makes you lethargic and not able to concentrate at work properly. We have added a morning and an evening snack to help your energy levels constant.

Mid Morning Snack we have Semolina Porridge with fresh fruits and nuts. Made with NutriChoice Digestive Zero Biscuits which have zero added sugar, zero maida and is high on fiber and semolina porridge, mixed fresh fruits and nuts this makes a great mid morning snack.

Lunch we have Paneer Carrot Stuffed Paratha & Raita. Paneer is high in Calcium and proteins and carrots are fill of antioxidants and Vitamin C. This healthy combination stuffed into your paratha makes a great filling. Pack it along with a mixed vegetable raita to make your lunch more nutritious.

Evening Snack we have packed Roasted Makhana. Makhanas are easily available in most stores and have a good shelf life. Low in cholesterol, saturated fat and sodium. They are an extremely good source of manganese, potassium, magnesium, thiamin, protein and phosphorus. Roasted Makhanas make a great evening snack and it takes only a few minutes to make these roasted Makhanas.