One Dish Recipe Contest - Share Your Delicious Recipes

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Recently, we received some awesome comments from our viewers and contributors and we came to know that you all love Archana’s Kitchen contest the most. After receiving some amazing recipes for the Holi Contest, we are here again with a brand new contest, which is more interesting and exciting.

Summer has started and most often we look out for one dish recipes during this season, that can be made easily and quickly.

So this time, the contest is about ‘ONE DISH RECIPES’. Here are some examples and combinations which we consider as one-dish.

  1. Roti - Sabzi (Across Regional Cuisines)
  2. Kadhi- Chawal, Rajma- Chawal
  3. Wholesome Salad with Bread/ Soup 
  4. One Pot Noodles, Pasta, Pizza, Rice
  5. and any other combination you can come up with.

What Do You Have To Do

  1. Send us some innovative and delicious one-dish recipes, which are perfect for the main course and can be cooked for lunch or dinner.
  2. Click and amazing picture of the food you cooked. The most important thing about the contest is the picture. Along with a good recipe, make sure that you send a high-resolution picture, which is simple and attractive. We always look for a close shot of the recipes, so that our viewers can see the texture of the food.
  3. Your recipe will get selected if you ensure you have a good description, good image, with a detailed method of cooking.
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Winners Will Get

What more! 3 amazing recipes will also get a chance to win kitchen appliances from Preethi. So hurry up, send your recipes to us and let's see who takes up the prize this contest.

The contest will end on 20th April 2016 and we will announce the lucky winner on 25th April 2016. Happy cooking!

*Note: Not all recipes will be published on the website, but all recipes submitted will be entered into the contest. Eligibility: India Only



(First Prize) Shaheen Ali - Kathal Biryani Recipe (Raw Jackfruit Pilaf) & Safed Achari Baingan Recipe

(Second Prize) Pooja Nandkarni -  Asian Shrimp And Veggie Bowl Recipe

(Third Prize) Karthika Gopalkrishnan -Pakistani Chickpeas Pulao

Below Are Some Of The Best Entries For The Contest