Lunch Box Recipes: Onion Paratha, Palak Mushroom & Salad

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A healthy lunch box, loaded with healthy ingredients, making it a nutritious meal. This lunch box has a spicy and delicious Pyaz Paratha, an iron rich Palak Mushroom Makhani,  a protein packed Kala Chana Salad and a refreshing seasonal Mango Lassi to finish the meal with.  

Making sure the meal served, is always colourful, ensures that there are various nutrients present in the food, at the same time ensuring you have the right balance of food from different food groups is important. 

Our lunch box meal here has carbohydrates, proteins, iron and various other micro and macro nutrients. Different textures and flavours be it sweet or savoury also contribute to the over all meal. 

So wait no more and get started with this meal to pack it for the lunch box