12 Paneer Paratha Recipes Perfect For A Healthy Breakfast

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When we talk about Punjabi Breakfast, what comes to our mind first? Parathas! Those delicious and mouthwatering Stuffed Parathas topped with a lots of homemade Butter also called as Makhan in Hindi.

In many North Indian households, Stuffed Parathas are a part of their daily breakfast, especially in Punjabi households. They are wholesome and keep you filled till your next meal. You can also make these for your Lunch or Dinner, but to enjoy them the most, you have to serve it hot with Makkan or Ghee.

There are many types of Parathas that are made with delicious and oh so scrumptious spicy fillings. Some of the popular ones being Aloo Paratha, Gobhi Paratha and Paneer Paratha. Today, we will talk about Paneer Parathas, which is everyone's favourite and makes a great weekend breakfast or when you have guests coming in for breakfast. 

Paneer, made with milk is a great source of Protein for vegetarians. Soft Paneer is crumbled, mixed with everyday masalas and then stuffed into the Parathas. These Parathas are then fried with ghee or topped with Makhan. You can also make these for your weeknight dinner and serve it with any Raita, Chutney or Pickle of your choice. 

Here, we have 12 healthy and tasty Paneer Paratha Recipes for you which you can make for dinner. You must be wondering what is the difference in these Parathas. Here, each Paratha has paneer paired with some other vegetables which has its own nutritional benefits. Making different Paneer Parathas will also give you options to make and is a great way to include the vegetable which you don't prefer to eat in your diet.

Next time you want to make a Stuffed Paratha, do try these and let us know how you liked it.