Portion Control Meal Plate: Kadhi Pakora, Karela Masala, Ragi Roti, Salad And Curd

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Here's a wholesome and delicious portion control meal plate which includes Palak Onion Kadhi Pakora, Bharwa Karela Makhani, Ragi Wheat Phulka, Kala Chana Salad Recipe With Carrots, Cucumber & Tomatoes, Curd and Cucumber.

Palak Onion Kadhi Pakora is a North Indian recipe where Onion and Palak pakoras are dunked in spicy kadhi made with yogurt and gram flour. Along with the Kadhi, we have Bharwa Karela Makhani where Karela is stuffed with paneer potato mixture and then added in the tomato onion makhani gravy. Along with these two, we have Ragi Wheat Roti, Kala Chana Salad, Curd and Cucumber.

Ragi in the Ragi wheat Roti is very healthy as it helps in weight loss, is rich in calcium and also has lot of fibre. On the other hand, Kala Chana is high in proteins and curd helps you in digestion. We have also added sliced cucumbers to add extra nutrition and make the meal filling. 

Below are the quantities we have used for a complete portion control meal. You can use these suggestions based on your dietary requirements. 

Total Calories: 400 calories

  • Kadhi Pakora - 1 Katori
  • Karela Makhani - 1/2 Katori
  • Kala Chana Salad - 1/2 Katori
  • Ragi Wheat Roti - 1 Piece
  • Dahi - 1 Katori

Read the Guidelines for Healthy Eating Using Portion Control to incorporate healthy eating habits into your everyday lifestyle. 

Malvika Hada

Malvika Hada

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