Portion Control Meal Plate-Khadi Bari, Stuffed Bhindi With Paneer,Suran Sukhi Sabzi & Bajra Roti

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Here is a full of fiber, healthy carbohydrates and packed with nutrition portion control meal plate made up of Khadi Bari, Stuffed Bhindi With Paneer,Suran Sukhi Sabzi & Bajra Roti. Portioned out with serving suggestions our meal plates are planned to give you proper nutrition and right amount of calories.

Eating in portions is as important as the right kind of nutrition. Keeping a tab on what you put in your mouth is necessary and will help you in the longer run. A good rule of the thumb to having a healthy life is to make your lunch the biggest meal of the day. This allows you to burn your calories that you eat at lunch. Keep dinners simple and eat two hours before you go to bed.

In this portion control meal plate we have paired high fiber and nutrient rich bhindi masala sabzi and suran/ Yam Sabzi along with kadhi and bajra rotla. to make the kadhi lighter and to reduce the amount of oil used to make the baris or the pakodas that go into the kadhi we have cooked the baris in a paniyaram pan.

A comforting meal this is a diabetic friendly meal plate as well.

Below are the portions which are on the plate.

Kadi Bari - 1/2 katori

Stuffed Bhindi Masala - 1 katori

Suran Sukhi Sabzi - 1/2 katori

Bajra Rotla - 1 roti

Jaggery- 1 tablespoon