Portion Control Meal Plate : Palak Lobia Curry, Carrot Cauliflower Peas Sabzi, Beetroot Raita And Ragi Masala Roti

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A Portion Control Meal Plate helps you to define how much you should eat in one meal. It has different different dishes which gives you more options to eat and also it provides you nutrition which is different in every recipe. Therefore, we are here again with a new Portion Control Meal Plate which has some delectable, healthy and easy recipes such as Palak Lobia Curry, Carrot Cauliflower Peas Sabzi, Beetroot Raita And Ragi Masala Roti.

In this meal plate, we have included a nutritious Palak Lobia Curry which is a combination of Palak and Lobia cooked with dry roasted spices, coconut and tamarind paste. It is rich in Protein and Iron, making it good to include in your everyday meals. 

Along with Palak Lobia Curry, we have an easy to make Carrot Cauliflower Peas Sabzi, which is a simple stir fry of Carrot, Cauliflower and Peas. These vegetables are are sauteed and simmer in a oil flavoured with ajwain, an whole spices like pepper, bay leaves and cardamon. You can also pack this in your Lunch Box. 

To complete the meal, we have paired these two dishes along with Beetroot Raita and Ragi Masala Roti. We all know Beetroot is a great source of nutrition and also helps in blood circulation. Mixing it with Dahi and a tadka will give you a great dish which will also provide you relief from scorching heat in Summers. On the other hand, Ragi Masala Roti which is very popular in South Indian is a great addition to this meal, as it is equally healthy and tasty.