Portion Control Meal Plate - Raw Mango Rasam, Cucumber Kosambari, Carrot Capsicum Poriyal, Chutney Podi And Rice

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Here, we have a Satvik Ayurvedic Portion Control Meal Plate which has tangy and spicy Raw Mango Rasam topped on hot steaming rice with sides like a simple and fresh Cucumber Kosambari, easy to make Carrot Capsicum Poriyal and Papad. We have also served a glass of refreshing buttermilk along with this meal which is a great summer cooler and also helps in hydration. A peanut podi is added to the side to add some more protein and flavour to this meal.

"You are what you eat" is an old saying and it has great wisdom and meaning. According to Ayurveda, food directly affects or mood, our consciousness and feelings. Eating fresh produce, cooked with minimal spice and cooked the right way is practiced in Ayurveda. A diet consisting of light, easy to digest, sattvic foods is recommended for almost anyone.

Raw Mango Rasam is a soul refreshing rasam recipe made with seasonal raw mangoes, fresh spice powders and jaggery. Green chillies and pepper powder is used to add the spice to the rasam. Raw mango rasam is served on top of hot steaming rice.

Hesaru Bele Southekayi Kosambari is a refreshing salad popular in the state of Karnataka. Soaked moong dal is mixed with fresh cucumber and lemon juice. It is then lightly tempered with curry leaves, green chillies and hing. No onions are used hence making it sattvic. 

Along with the kosambari, a mildly spiced Carrot Capsicum Poriyal is served to add to the nutrition in this meal. This light and comforting side dish goes well with both roti and rice. It is quick to make and both the flavours of the carrot and the capsicum go well together.

Dry Coconut Chutney Podi made with dals and spices is added to the meal plate. You can also serve a Pachadi or Chutney of your choice instead of Podi in this meal.

End this meal with Buttermilk, that has many health benefits and is recommended in Ayurveda. It detoxifies and lenses your body is very refreshing to drink. It provides you hydration and also protects you from the scorching heat.

And to complete the meal, we have added some crunchy fried papad. So whenever you are planning to make an Ayurvedic Meal Plate, do try this meal plate to keep you nourished and energized for the day and let us know how you like it.