Portion Control Meal Plate: Urulai Kizhangu Roast, Konkani Tendli Sukke Recipe, Mixed Vegetable Sambar Recipe, Curd

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A portion control meal plate that's so satisfying - comfort food of mixed vegetable sambar and rice served with healthy sides of tendli sabzi and potato roast. All placed in the meal plate with sensible portions to ensure you get just enough. 

While the steamed rice in the meal takes care of carbs, the sambar made of dal brings in the proteins required and the veggies in it give us that added nutrition. One can add any veggies of choice be it carrots, radish, drumstick, beetroot, beans and the list can go on. 

The side dish of  potatoes with the tadka goes perfectly well with this meal. The tindora sabzi with the addition of coconuts not just brings great flavour but is highly nutritious too.  What balances out the meal is a bowl of chilled curd for your daily intake of calcium that one shouldn't miss. 

So wait no more and get this meal started in your kitchen already.