Puja Darshan

With a career that was just taking off in the booming Insurance Industry, I was just about contented and satisfied. I had set my eyes on bigger and better positions and was cruising on my way to achieve those. That’s when my daughter was born. It was a well-planned decision. But then everything changed. We never wanted a nanny or, a creche to manage our daughter. We wanted to give her as much time with ourselves as possible. And it made sense for me to take the lead on it. And I decided to leave my career for my daughter. But something in me kept pinching me. Once when my husband saw the passion with which I was cooking a special dinner for some of our guests, he asked me, “DO you want to become a blogger?” And there started my new journey as a blogger. A passionate cook who puts all of my passion into words at http://thetastesofindia.com and a social media enthusiast, I love outdoor photography. I am extremely health cautious and believe that “healthy eating is not about eating things you do not like, but it is about eating everything you like in limits and counting your calorie consumption”.

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