Satisfy Your Taste Buds With A Delicious Meal Of Hari Mirch Maas And Pudina Pulav

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Want to eat something delicious and easy to make? Then this meal plate is apt for you which includes a mouth watering combination of Rajasthani Hari Mirch Ka Maas and Mint Coriander Spiced Pulao. This is served along with some sliced pickled onions and a roasted Papad. You can also serve a Raita or Salad of your choice with this meal.

Rajasthani Hari Mirch Ka Maas, a delicious Mutton curry which is very famous in Rajasthani households, especially Mewar. In this recipe, Mutton is marinated in green chilli paste and lemon juice, and then cooked with curd and basic everyday spices giving it a delicious spicy and tangy taste. You can make it for family get together or house parties and we ensure you your guests will enjoy every bite of it.

This is served with Mint and Coriander Spiced Pulao, which is a flavourful and full of freshness due to the addition of fresh mint and coriander. You can also serve Steamed Rice or Jeera Rice with this meal.

You can also add some Raitas such as Boondi Raita, Tomato Onion Tadka Raita, Burani Raita or some Salads such as Satvik Carrot Sprouts Salad, Khamang Kakdi, Kachumber Salad along with this meal to make it more nutritious and filling.