Sattvic Diet a Yogic Diet

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Sattvic Diet also known as Yogic diet is something that I have been following ever since I was a child. I got married into a Jain family whole also believed in a diet that was Sattvic. In efforts to revive the Sattvic diet I am now working on recipes that I will share with you. This diet helps us develop a healthier lifestyle and also promotes calmess in the mind and body.

So What is Sattvic Diet or Yogic Diet?

Sattvic Diet helps develop clarity and calmness of the mind and in turn benefits the body. The word Sattvic means purity. This is a purely vegetarian diet that is made fresh with naturally and locally grown ingredients and most importantly cooked with good thoughts. 

The ancient yogis have classified food into three categories based on their effects on mind-body. These attributes exist in different degrees in every individual and also change from time to time. 

The three gunas, or attributes, or the primary qualities of human nature

Sattva is quality of purity, love, lightness, existence, peace. When Sattva predominates, one is alert, calm, relaxed and happy. The Sattvic Diet intern promotes overall well being.

Rajas is quality of hyperactivity, aggressiveness, irritable, instability. When Rajas predominates, one is restless, selfish, angry and jealous. The Rajasic Diet disrupts and creates mind-body imbalance.

Tamas is quality of dullness, lethargy, inertia, ignorance, weakness. When Tamas predominates, one is lethargic, inactive and dull. The Tamasic Diet disrupts and lowers body’s resistance to disease. 

Just as right posture, thoughts, emotions and sleep help in maintaining good health, a Sattvic diet and the air we breath have a profound effect on your physical, mental and spiritual health. 

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