Savour This Kashmiri Meal With Mutton Yakhni, Dahi Baingan, Saag & Saffron Rice

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A delicious meal with no complex flavours, this Kashmiri meal is simplicity at its best. Yakhni Mutton served along with some saffron & fennel rice with a side of some Kashmiri saag and dahi baingan. 

If you are a vegetarian, you can skip the mutton and add either Kashmiri Style Rajma Gogji Recipe - Kidney Beans & Turnip Curry or Kashmiri Monj Haakh Recipe - Knol Khol Flavored With Asafoetida

Kashmiri Cuisine is one such that is comfort food, keeping their flavours simple, but that's what it is all about, subtle flavours that taste great. Some dishes are seasoned just with whole spices while others are made robust. Their star ingredients include lotus stem, knol khol, radish, turnip, rajma, saffron, curd to name a few. Mutton is their most preferred choice of meat. 

Give this meal a shot over the weekend, while your family can enjoy a meal together.