Savoury Crepes with Za'atar Spiced Chicken Recipe

A mediterranean recipe, Savoury Crepes with Za'atar Spiced Chicken Recipe is a simple dish that tastes absolutely delicious and can be served at any time of the day.

Swayampurna Mishra
Savoury Crepes with Za'atar Spiced Chicken Recipe
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Thin, beautiful crepes, Savoury Crepes with Za'atar Spiced Chicken Recipe stuffed with an incredibly delicious Mediterranean za’atar spiced chicken, served with a perfect dijon mustard cream sauce.

Takes hardly 20-30 minutes to make this recipe and these savoury crepes are perfect for breakfast, lunch or even for easy and quick dinner.

Enjoy this step-by-step procedure to make the perfect za’atar spiced chicken stuffed savoury crepes and serve it with drizzled mustard cream sauce on top.

Serve this Savoury Crepes with Za'atar Spiced Chicken Recipe along with Cold Coffee Recipe for a weekday breakfast. 

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Cuisine: Mediterranean
Course: Dinner
Diet: High Protein Non Vegetarian
Prep in

10 M

Cooks in

30 M

Total in

40 M


3 Servings


    Ingredients For Crepe
  • 1-1/2 cup Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1-1/2 teaspoon Sugar
  • 1-1/2 cup Milk
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • 3 Whole Eggs
  • Ingredients For Chicken
  • 250 grams Boneless chicken , diced into 1/2 inch cubes
  • 1/2 Red Bell pepper (Capsicum) , cut into small chunks
  • 1 Tomato , deseeded and chopped finely
  • 1 tablespoon Za'atar , (middle eastern herb)
  • 1 teaspoon Lemon juice
  • Salt , to taste
  • Black pepper powder , to taste
  • 1 teaspoon Paprika powder , smoked, as required
  • 1 teaspoon Coriander (Dhania) Leaves , chopped
  • Ingredients For Mustard Cream Sauce
  • 1 tablespoon All Purpose Flour (Maida)
  • 2 tablespoons Butter (Salted)
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1/2 cup Fresh cream
  • 1-1/2 Dijon Mustard , (adjust as per preference)

How to make Savoury Crepes with Za'atar Spiced Chicken Recipe

  1. To begin preparing Savoury crepes with za’atar spiced chicken and mustard cream sauce requires preparing crepes, its filling and sauce. Get all the ingredients handy and start with this step-by-step procedure.

Instruction for Crepes
  1. In a mixing bowl, combine whole wheat flour, sugar, milk, eggs and a pinch of salt. Whisk it all together.

  2. Blend crepe batter in a blender until smooth.

  3. Then strain the crepe mixture through a fine mesh sieve. Pouring the mix into a tall jug makes it easier to portion out the batter when making crepes on a hot pan.

  4. Allow the crepe batter to rest at room temperature for about 15 to 20 minutes. This makes the crepes soft and fluffy.

  5. Heat the crepe pan on a medium flame, butter it evenly and pour about 1/3 rd to half ladle of batter and quickly take the crepe pan give swirls such that the crepe spreads to make thin crepes. Make the film of batter as thin as possible.

  6. Cook it until the bottom becomes golden and flip them carefully to the other side for a few more seconds. These crepes cook real quickly. Transfer the crepes to a plate and continue to make the rest of them similarly from the batter.

Instruction for Chicken
  1. Heat some olive oil in a wok, add the red pepper and tomatoes, sauté for a minute.

  2. Then add the za'atar spice and paprika and chicken, give it a quick mix, add a splash of water and let it cook till chicken is done. Takes 5-6 minutes.

  3. Remove and keep aside. I also added some fresh red bell pepper to the mixture for added texture. Drizzle the lemon juice and add chopped cilantro.

Instruction for Sauce
  1. Heat the butter in a saucepan on medium flame till melted. Add the flour and whisk till smooth.

  2. Add milk and keep whisking vigorously making sure there's no lump, reduce heat to low, add the cream and let it cook for 2-3 mins.

  3. Remove from heat, add the mustard and whisk. Add salt and pepper to taste, stir and adjust taste.

Instruction to Plate the Crepe:
  1. Place a crepe on a plate. Spoon some of the chicken stuffing in the centre and fold it into a triangle. Drizzle some of the cream mustard sauce on top of Savoury crepes with za’atar spiced chicken and serve immediately.

  2. Enjoy!!

  3. Serve this Savoury Crepes with Za'atar Spiced Chicken Recipe along with Cold Coffee Recipe for a weekday breakfast.