Screen Shot for Creating Google Plus Account for the Hangout Online Cooking Classes

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STEP 1: Once you have a google account, and you click on the hangout link it will ask you to sign up for the google plus page. using your google account id enter the
USERNAME and PASSWORD and click sign in.

STEP 2: When you dont have a goople plus account, google will take you through the simple steps to join Google Plus. Fill in the details like I have done below and click on UPGRADE that is in the right side corner of the page
If you already have a goole plus account then you when you sign in it will automatically take you to STEP 6 - JOIN HANG OUTS PAGE. 

STEP 3: The set up will take you to adding friends. You can do that at leisure later, So just click CONTINUE.
3-Get started_1-_Google

STEP 4: The set up will take you to follow friends/ people you know. You can do that at leisure later, So just click CONTINUE.
4-Get started_2-_Google

STEP 5: DO THIS STEP: SO WE CAN SEE WHO YOU ARE. Follow the Steps to ADD A FACE TO YOUR NAME. You can add the rest of the details later. Click on FINISH.  That was simple, wasnt it?
5-Get started_3-_Google

STEP 6: Click on JOIN to join me in my kitchen. WELCOME !
6-Google Hangouts

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