Soulfull's Adai Mix - A South Indian High Protein Breakfast Crepe

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Adai is protein packed lentil crepe, similar to a dosa. It is typically had as a tiffin dish in the south indian homes. The tiffin dishes can be had for breakfast or for dinner. The Adai is typically heavier than a normal flour crepe or a dosa.

It is considered a distant cousin of chilla (a popular lentil crepe made in northern india).  The soulfull's adai mix was quick and easy-to-make. It is also gluten-free made with a blend of lentils, a rich source of protein and dietary fibre. The soulfull's adai mix includes the right flavors that are packed in with a dash of special chilli to give it a natural colour. In short the adai was lip smackingly delicious. 

I tried the adai mix, as it is, without the addition of salt and without the addition of any more flavors. Once ready, I served it along with gur (jaggery), mulaighai podi (spice powder for dosa's) and butter. We loved it!

The variations you can add to this and make it extra nutritious is by adding some finely chopped cabbage or grated carrots or finely chopped spinach or some finely chopped fenugreek leaves. This will get you the protien you need for the day and also the vegetables. 

The best part about this mix was that it was not stale. I typically dont buy ready made products, but this product was of high quality with full of freshness. The instructions in the back of the product was simple and easy to understand. This is something I would stock in my pantry for those emergency days when I dont want to cook, but yet want to have something nutritious. 


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