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A lot of us are aware drinking juice gives us that instant energy during a hot summer day, post a workout. Making good old homemade juices brings back fond memories of our mother or grandmother, who would whip up a fresh fruit juice to give you that instant energy. In addition, juices are probably one of the easiest ways to increase your fruit and vegetable intake, through a healthy, refreshing way.

Homemade variety that gives you so much control over what you add to it, boosting nutritive value up the way you want to. Today, with many of us living in nuclear families, having a good juicer in hand which retains nutrition and gives you that energy has become a necessity.

Benefits of Juicing

  1. Juicing helps boost the nutrition in your diet. Drinking a glass of vegetable juice helps in easier absorption of the vitamins and minerals. Freshly squeezed juice has the capacity to transfer all the same health benefits of eating your veggies.
  2. If juicing if done right, gives you fresh, raw and live nutrition, and the quickest rate of absorption, reducing your need to take external supplements to nil.
  3. Juices help in seamlessly entering the bloodstream, allowing your body to quickly and easily absorb the nutritive value. Fresh juices are vitamin rich, and much easier for our bodies to digest in liquid form.

Why Cold Press Juicing?

If you plan to buy a juicer, lookout for the Kent Cold Pressed Juicers. The juice from the cold pressed juicers retains more nutrients because fruits and vegetables aren’t shredded with blades, which exposes the produce to air and speeds up oxidation. They use a low speed squeezing technique, which not only retains the natural and original taste, but also the nutrients which are naturally found in the ingredients making it healthy and tasty.

Benefits of Kent's Cold Press Juicer

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  1. The low speed squeezing helps preserve fibers, retaining the taste with a pulpier juice
  2. With no mess of straining, the juicer squeezes out the maximum from the pulp yielding in less wastage.
  3. It has two filters for juicing, a fine mesh-filter for hard fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots etc. and a wide mesh filter for softer fruits like tomatoes, water melon, orange etc, where the fruit inherently has a lot of pulp. This is an added plus resulting in a pulpier juice.
  4. The best part a few glasses of juice are done in a very therapeutic quiet fashion, when compared to the traditional centrifugal juicers
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Here are some juice recipes you must try using the Cold Press Juicer

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