I tinkered with this idea of writing a blog for many years. The fact that the cyber world has a plethora of culinary contributions from folks far more experienced than me made me question my own culinary capabilities. One day over a cup of coffee I was deep in thought and realized that I don’t have to write about my culinary expertise or the lack of it, but I can be myself and write about my very own culinary mishaps which somehow end up as edible serendipitous creations. Cooking is an iterative process; there is no recipe that is set in stone. We all develop a certain taste pallet over a period of time and seldom deviate from that so called culinary comfort zone. Having moved countries, rather reluctantly I tried to break out of that comfort zone and to my surprise discovered the plethora of tastes and cuisines that are out there. I love to take the dishes I grew up on and give them a quirky somewhat serendipitous twist, I say serendipitous because I don’t have a plan or recipe in mind – I decide to add few things together and let the culinary magic unfold.

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